The Decision.

In approximately one month I will begin 2 days of orientation and basic training, before embarking on a new journey I never anticipated. Nervous, nah. Anxious, absolutely. My decision to attend law school was completely unorthodox, random and bordering between sheer luck and cosmic intervention.

I graduated from college in the 2012, with a degree in psychology. My original intention was to continue towards my master’s degree in forensic psychology, while working for a state department in my field of study. I know I can’t possibly be the only person who had my “life timeline” planned out. I mean completely planned out, down to when I would get married, potentially have children and begin making 6 figures. The naivety. During my time working for a state department, mostly dealing with child abuse investigations, I started seeing a pattern amongst my cases, child custody battles and a lack of child advocacy lawyers. There was a system in place for these civil court cases; lawyers who represented the state, lawyers who represented the parents who could afford it, but who was going to represent the children, who had no voice? On a whim, I began researching the steps needed to get into law school and decided to sign up for the LSAT. (stay tuned for my blog about this test and the law school admissions process).

I received my LSAT scores, meh, did above average and continued to be completely engulfed in my career without blinking, and within no time, 3 years had passed. November 8, 2016. I remember the day vividly. It is a day that will be forever engraved in the minds of American’s living during this time. It was election night. I was sitting on my couch, completely in a daze (I’m not sure if this was due to the 3 glasses of Sangria I had already guzzled, or the mental confusion I was experiencing), nevertheless, I had an epiphany and a feeling as if time had stopped. I saw my mother’s face, I envisioned my future children, the pictures of the lifeless bodies of unarmed citizen killed by police, I felt the sweat of my ancestor’s and their tears of pain. I immediately felt ashamed. I realized that I was one of those people, the one who sits idly by as chaos erupts around them, without offering assistance to those in need. I decided in that moment that I would continue the mission I had set 3 years prior, I would become a lawyer in order to be that advocate for victims who need a voice.  

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Within a matter of 3 months, I gathered together all my essentials needed to apply (stay tuned for my blog post on this topic), sent some positive vibes into the universe and through the LSAC website, hit the submit button to apply. On May 11, 2017, my first choice law school changed my life with an acceptance letter. Since this moment, there have been a whirlwind of emotions, lots of research and reading and prayers. I started to notice a trend amongst blog sites for prospective law students. Proud Blonde here, Brazen Brunette there, which is wonderful for them and I truly enjoyed reading and browsing their websites, however, their characteristics and life experiences were very different from mine.

Thus came the idea to document my journey, while embracing what makes me unique.  I was startled to learn (according to the American Bar Association) only 5% of lawyers are African American, and only 36% of all lawyers are women. This led me to the conclusion that there is a need of influential figures who look like me, to pave the way for future generations. In no way is this blog a members only club for black prospective/current lawyers, it is simply a tool to inspire and educate those who may struggle with the lack of confidence and fear that I too have felt. As I write this, I’m currently counting down the days until orientation week and the first day of class. Stay tuned!


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2 thoughts on “The Decision.

  1. Dr. LaToya says:

    #AwesomeSauce!! So inspiring on many levels for me! Nah, I don’t ‘think’ i’ll be going to law school. Though, a part of my life plan was becoming a child advocate. However, at this point in life (two months out of a doc. program) my family would kill me and my bestfriend’s profession of me being the modern day Lynn (Girlfriends reference) would have come true. Nevertheless, inspired!

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